A B S T R A C T. Histologically distinct tumors that coexist in an organ without any histological admixture at their interface are denominated collision tumors. We report 3 cases of colliding mature cystic teratoma with mucinous cystadenoma and a case of mature cystic teratoma colliding with benign Brenner tumor in the ovary.


2018-03-21 · Endometrioid Borderline Tumor of Ovary is an ovarian tumor with low or borderline malignant potential. It is less common than other types of tumor and the causal factors are unknown Tumors of the ovaries can be benign, borderline or low malignant potential (LMP), or malignant tumors.

D, Photomicrograph of the surface of the patient's right ovary (a) containing psammomatous calcifications (yellow arrows) with a rim of serous borderline tumor‐type epithelium (blue arrow) wrapping around the outside of the calcification and high‐power photomicrograph of the patient's left ovary (b) revealing broad fibrous stroma lined by atypical cuboidal to columnar epithelium with mild OBJECTIVE We sought to describe MDCT and MRI features and tumor marker levels that differentiate borderline ovarian tumors from stage I ovarian tumors. CONCLUSION Borderline ovarian tumors are complex masses with imaging features similar to stage I tumors. The thickness of septations and the size of solid components are significantly larger in stage I tumors, and these features may be helpful MUCINOUS TUMOR IS a common epithelial tumor of the ovary, which can be classified as benign, borderline, and malignant tumors according to their pathological features. Mucinous borderline ovarian tumors (MBOT) account for 17% of mucinous ovarian tumors and 32% of all borderline ovarian tumors … 2018-03-21 Shahid M, Siddiqi A (2017) Primary well differentiated neuroendocrine tumor of ovary collides with Mucinous borderline tumor in a postmenopausal female: a report of case and review of literature. Pathologica 109: 375-378.

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Since BOT were first identified >40 years ago, they have inspired controversies disproportionate to their incidence. This review discusses diagnostic crite … Borderline ovarian tumors are generally characterized by increased epithelial proliferation accompanied by nuclear atypias (usually mild to moderate) and mildly increased mitotic activity. Stromal invasion, however, is not displayed in this tumor entity. 2007-09-05 · Imaging findings in borderline ovarian tumors Section. Genital (female) imaging .

Ultrasound (US) was performed in 108 patients with 138 tumors. At pathologic examination, 78 tumors (46%) were benign, 14 (8%) borderline, and 78 (46%) malignant. Herein, we report magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings of a mucinous borderline tumor of the ovary, which we observed as a mainly solid tumor with large solid components in the lower pelvic cavity.

2018-06-08 · Tumor Morphology Epithelial Ovarian Tumors. About 90 percent of ovarian cancers arise in the covering of the ovary [].Following are common patterns and associated terms.

in patients with conservatively managed ovarian tumours (IOTA5): a  Papillary projections are characteristic and may be more of a feature with borderline than malignant serous cystadenocarcinoma of the ovary. A unique feature of borderline tumors is the non-invasive behavior of extra-ovarian tumor implants in the advanced stages of the disease 2-3.

Borderline tumor ovary radiology

It is sometimes placed under the category of borderline breast disease. because the condition may be difficult to distinguish from breast cancer by imaging. malignant phyllodes tumor · metastases to the breast · metaplastic carcinoma the fat-containing breast lesions · hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome 

Conservative surgery was performed in 57 (84%) patients. A borderline tumor, sometimes called low malignant potential (LMP) tumor, is a distinct but yet heterogeneous group of tumors defined by their histopathology as atypical epithelial proliferation without stromal invasion. In contrast to invasive epithelial ovarian cancers, borderline tumors are more likely to occur in premenopausal women and are more likely to be stage I, or confined to the ovaries at presentation. When borderline ovarian tumors are confined to the ovaries, long-term survival approaches 100%. Ovarian tumors of borderline malignancy are a distinct histologic and clinical entity diagnosed in up to 15% of patients presenting with an ovarian neoplasm [].Compared with frankly malignant tumors, borderline tumors have a much better prognosis and, because they are noninvasive, may be treated less radically than invasive ovarian cancer [1, 2]. Case Discussion. Discussion: Large mass with numerous loculations but no solid component or papillary projections.

Borderline tumor ovary radiology

Jan 14, 2017 Methods. DCE-MRI data of 102 consecutive complex ovarian tumors (benign 15, borderline 16, and malignant 71), confirmed by surgery and  Dec 24, 2019 Borderline ovarian tumors (BOTs), or low malignant potential tumors, represent 10–15% of all epithelial ovarian malignancies.
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n To learn the essential diagnostic clues based on the histologic features of borderline tumors. Background Background n Ovarian tumors are classified as benign, borderline, and malignant. n Borderline tumors have a relatively good prognosis and originate in younger Serous surface papillary borderline tumor of the ovary is unique and has characteristic features.

Mucinous borderline tumours involving the ovary, when tests suggest these could originate from a tumour in the appendix.
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Low grade serous ovarian cancer affects approximately 1 in 1000 women, many will be diagnosed in their 20s and Borderline ovarian tumours are also called low malignant potential tumours. A CT scan or MRI may sometimes be used.

Ovarian serous borderline tumors with micropapillary and cribiform patterns: a study of 40 cases and comparison with 44 cases without these patterns. Brenner Tumor - Histology, Radiology, Treatment, Types, Benign, Malignant, Borderline.